GSP German Somali Professionals 
Isbaheeysiga Aqoonyahanada Somaliyeed iyo Jarmalka

About us and our philosophy 

We are a young startup company that pursues economic and development policy goals. We firmly believe that sustainable development only takes place where people use their own money, their energy and their innovative power. We want to contribute to this. We want to motivate, support, create jobs in developing countries and thus help to create development opportunities. In order to achieve our goals, we work with partners with similar goals. 
Our activities focus on one of the poorest regions in the world - East Africa. Where hundreds of thousands of people are starving and millions of people are on the run, we want to support and show that economic cooperation is also possible there. Only those who see a future in his country will remain in his country. This is an essential part of sustainable development.

We work with partners in Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan. It is important for us to know our suppliers and producers personally. For example, our work also includes helping our partners meet European standards in quality and organic certification. 
The GSP Group is and wants to be a development aid company. A considerable portion of our company's profits therefore flows directly into development aid projects in the region. Because every person deserves a future. We work for that.

Your Asli Ahmed-Murmann and Nur Yaryare